Chelated Silver Natures Most Powerful Antibiotic

Your first line of defense against any bacterial infection is your body's own immune system. And nature itself provides the most powerful antibiotic. What is it, chelated silver. And it is many times more powerful than the popular colloidal silver. And many times more effective than doctor prescribed antibiotics.

Chelated silver has shown to repel more than 660 known types of pathogenic bacteria.

The More You Know
The application of silver as an antimicrobial agent goes back centuries, with the metal first being used by the ancient Phoenicians to keep their water supplies fresh. In the 20th century, silver nitrate was subsequently incorporated into modern medicine, with it being given to soldiers in the first world war to stop wound infection.

three different shapes of bacteriaClinical and laboratory testing has documented microorganisms killed including E-coli, staphylococcus (MRSA), pseudomonas, herpes simplex virus, salmonella & type A influenza. Kill percentages are typically in the range of 99.9994%.

In fact, the Silver Institute in Washington, D.C. has studied many of the medical uses of silver and published information about the use of silver in purifying water, promoting skin growth, treating wounds of severely burned patients, protecting eyes, helping people with allergies, and eliminating harmful bacteria.

Chelation is useful not only in nutritional supplements, but also with chelation therapy, a treatment for heavy metal poisoning: iron, mercury, arsenic, and lead.

It also works as a contrast agent in MRI scanning, in manufacturing using homogeneous catalysts, and in chemical water treatment to assist in the removal of metals.

HoneyColony Silver Surfer Natural Antibiotic Serum

The Difference Between Chelated Silver and Collide Silver

Colloidal silver are solid particles of such small size that when dispersed in water they remain in suspension rather than sinking.

Colloidal mineral supplements consist of mineral salts or other mineral compounds converted into colloidal form, either by grinding or by rapid crystallization.

They are also poorly bioavailable, as small as the particles are, nevertheless they are far too large to be absorbed whole in the digestive system. Nearly all of the active ingredients are trapped in the interior of the silver particles, where they cannot come into contact with the transport channels in the cells.

However, if a colloidal substance can dissolve into the cell, it would then release it’s particles for potential absorption.

What is known scientifically about the safety of colloidal silver? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said that colloidal silver isn’t safe or effective for treating any disease or condition.

In chelated silver, the silver ions are chemically bonded to nonmetallic ions, and are therefore evenly dispersed throughout the solution.

chelate use

Chelators (amino acid or other organic component) are intended to carry atoms into the cells in larger amounts than the body would normally allow. It is thought that the chelators are treated as desirable molecules by the recognition systems in cell walls, and are therefore given entry into the cells.

When this process occurs in the cells, the silver gains entry to the bloodstream, and into body tissues and organs.

This bonding in solution considerably enhances chelated silver, making it lethal to infectious microbios.

How Does Chelated Silver Work

Chelated silver is non-toxic to the human body. But is lethal to a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, mold, parasites, and viruses.

Some important questions you may have are:

  1. How does it work?
  2. Does it it kill all bacteria, good and bad as does conventional antibiotics?
  3. Can bacteria become resistant to silver as they do to many pharmaceutical antibiotics?

Chelated silver is highly effective in blocking the respiration of microorganisms, killing them in the process.

HoneyColony Silver Surfer Natural Antibiotic SerumScientists have found that some bacteria exist off specific enzymes that the human body produces.

Scientists believe chelated silver acts as a catalyst in destroying those specific enzymes that bacteria use for nourishment to survive.

Gordon Pedersen
Gordon Pedersen, PhD, ND, FAPWCA, FAARM

According to Dr. Gordon Pedersen PhD, ND medical director at the Silver Health Institute, silver has a remarkable ability to selectively destroy pathogenic bacteria while not causing harm to healthy probiotic bacteria.

Chelated silver disables the platform from which harmful bacteria grow, keeping them from multiplying.

Therefore, silver oxide ions safely kills pathogenic bacteria while helping to build your immune system.

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, chelated silver oxide doesn’t kill helpful probiotics or good bacteria along with the pathogens or bad bacteria.

Bacteria such as MRSA is mutating and becoming resistant to the most powerful antibiotics. But can they show resistance to chelated silver? Professor David Avnir a Chemistry Professor at the Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem says, “Silver isn’t vulnerable to the same pitfalls as antibiotics. Silver chemically disrupts pathogenic bacteria’s ability to produce cells, but remains impervious to resistance.”


Silver Surfer antibiotic serum

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