Food Synergy – Nutrients That Should Be Eaten Together

David Jacobs, PhDWhat is food synergy? Researcher David Jacobs, PhD, at the University of Minnesota, defines food synergy as the idea that food influences our health in complex and highly interactive ways. It is working together to create greater health effects.

Food synergy is a very good thing. When certain foods are eaten together, rather than a singular dietary component or nutrient, they can provide unexpected health benefits, as research suggests.

As well as you get into a healthy habit of eating a variety of whole foods.

And eating food as close to its natural form as possible is by far our best bet for improving health and preventing disease.

Donna Gates creator of Body Ecology DietDonna Gates creator of the website, Body Ecology Diet and digestion specialist writes, not you are what you eat, but rather – You are what you digest. Gates says that poor food combinations can wreak havoc on your gut.

Bad food combinations can cause a reduction in your body’s nutrient absorption, lowered immune system, accelerate aging, and lead to weight gain.

Drew Ramsey, MD, coauthor of the book The Happiness Diet says, “Combining whole, natural foods regularly, amplifies their health benefits via synergistic effects.”


What About Supplements

How To Enact Food Synergy

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