How To Improve Your Cholesterol Imbalance

If you have a cholesterol imbalance, or in other words, high cholesterol, your goal should be to check your diet and make possible changes to your lifestyle. The quality of your health depends upon your diet and lifestyle.

When it comes to cholesterol management, the goal of your diet should be to create a healthy balance of fats and avoid those that are bad.

Understanding What Bad Cholesterol Is

Dietary Recommendations For Cholesterol Imbalance

Exercise To Maintain A Healthy Cholesterol Balance

What About Statin Drugs

Foods To Avoid When Treating Cholesterol Imbalance





Despite the common misconception, not all fats are bad! Fat found naturally in our diet does not cause cholesterol imbalance, heart disease or obesity.

But rather the excessive consumption of refined sugar and non-nutritive calories like Aspartame and Splenda among others can.

Also a sedentary lifestyle can cause weight gain and the development of chronic conditions, like heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol imbalance.

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